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Do these 7 things after knowing you are pregnant

When you know that you are pregnant, your feelings may get mixed up. Happy because it will have a 'Little Hero', but also maybe a little anxious to face 9 months of pregnancy. Instead of being overwhelmed by anxiety, it's better to do these important things after knowing you're pregnant. Broadly speaking, there are three aspects that need to be prepared when you know you are pregnant, namely the physical aspects of dealing with various symptoms of pregnancy, mental and psychological aspects that may affect you a lot during pregnancy, and financial aspects. 7 things to do after knowing you are pregnant Of the three aspects mentioned earlier, the following outlines the things you need to do after knowing you are pregnant: 1. Perform routine pregnancy checks Routine pregnancy checks are important, because by routinely carrying out checks and following doctor's instructions, your health and that of your fetus can be monitored properly. You can start doing pregna
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You Can Give Birth at Home When You Have Fulfilled These 5 Things

Many pregnant women who want to give birth at home. There are many reasons, for example because it is more comfortable and does not need to bother going to the hospital or the maternity hospital, to the desire to go through labor while surrounded by family. However, is giving birth at home quite safe? If the condition of the mother and baby is healthy, labor can actually be done at home, although it is better done in a complete medical facility. However, although it is better to give birth in a medical facility, there are some hospitals or maternity centers that limit or even not give permission to family members to accompany pregnant women during labor. It is actually intended that the family does not interfere with the doctor or midwife when trying to help the mother and baby during the birth process. However, these restrictions actually become one of the considerations of most pregnant women to give birth at home. Is it Safe to Give Birth at Home? A number of studies abroad sh

Before Eyelash Extension, Look at the Method and Risk

Eyelash extensions are now rife in various beauty centers. Long and thick eyelashes are the dream of most women. During this time many people use mascara as a way to make eyelashes more curved. However, repeated use and long lasting results make eyelash extensions a choice. Eyelash extension is done by wearing artificial eyelashes made from synthetic fibers such as nylon. These artificial eyelashes are attached with glue on the tip of the original eyelashes. This is a procedure that is not easy, even for experienced cosmetologists. This connection is carried out using a long sharp tweezers and a special tech brush with a sheet of adhesive. Cosmetologists will then isolate the original eyelashes one by one, to then connect them to synthetic eyelashes with glue, then hold them for some time to connect properly. Each eye can have 40-100 strands attached, so some eyelashes are needed. This procedure takes about 2-3 hours with no small cost. Eyelash extension with the technique of conn