Before Eyelash Extension, Look at the Method and Risk

Eyelash extensions are now rife in various beauty centers. Long and thick eyelashes are the dream of most women. During this time many people use mascara as a way to make eyelashes more curved. However, repeated use and long lasting results make eyelash extensions a choice. Eyelash extension is done by wearing artificial eyelashes made from synthetic fibers such as nylon. These artificial eyelashes are attached with glue on the tip of the original eyelashes. This is a procedure that is not easy, even for experienced cosmetologists. This connection is carried out using a long sharp tweezers and a special tech brush with a sheet of adhesive. Cosmetologists will then isolate the original eyelashes one by one, to then connect them to synthetic eyelashes with glue, then hold them for some time to connect properly. Each eye can have 40-100 strands attached, so some eyelashes are needed. This procedure takes about 2-3 hours with no small cost. Eyelash extension with the technique of con…
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